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Skilled Workforce

Greater Burlington draws from a laborshed of more that 125,000 and is located in a four county region that includes Des Moines, Louisa, Henry and Lee Counties (Great River Region), boasting more than 262,000 total workers.

Greater Burlington offers employers a skilled workforce in a state where payroll costs are 14% below the national average.  

Greater Burlington Employed Workforce Stats

Education & Training

  • 78.6% have training beyond high school
  • 3% are trade certified
  • 2.3% completed vocational training
  • 20.7% have an associated degree
  • 17.8% have an undergraduate degree
  • 11.5% have a postgraduate/professional degree

Quick Facts

  • 20.3% work multiple jobs
  • Average age is 46
  • 18.4% employed in manufacturing sector (up from 16.1% in 2014)
  • 3.7% speak more than one language

Greater Burlington Employment Data

Largest Industries

  • Manufacturing, Wholesale & Retail Trade and Education represent the three largest industrial classifications

Willingness to Change/Accept Employment

  • 25,890 workers are willing to change or accept employment
  • Those currently employed are willing to commute on average 27 miles one way for employment
    • To attract the upper 66% to 75% of employed, qualified hourly applicants ranges from $12.84 - $15.00 (Clerical/Adminitrative Support) to $16.63 to $18.50 (Production, Construction & Material Handling)
  • Those unemployed are willing to commute on average 23 miles one way for employment
    • The estimated wage to attract upper 66% to 75% qualified hourly applicants that are currently unemployed is $10.00 to $11.00

Manufacturing Workforce Stats

% of Laborshed Employed in Manufacturing 18.4%
% Employed in Manufacturing with Education Beyond High School 60%
% Employed in Manufacturing with Associates Degree 15.2%
% Employed in Manufacturing with Undergraduate Degree or Higher 12.4%
Median Annual Wage (Salaried) $70,000
Median Non-Salaried Hourly Wage $19.23







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