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Greater Burlington entrepreneurs strive to offer to its visitors and residents an array of products that are unique to Southeast Iowa. This blog post will highlight four of these products and where to find them.

  1. Sterzing’s chips are the best-selling potato chip in Southeast Iowa and a must-have indulgence for every trip to Greater Burlington. Sterzing's are still made the same way today that they were when the company was founded in the mid 1930's. The ingredients are simple- potatoes, oil, and salt. Sterzing's are "Made Fresh Daily" so customers can rely on the quality they've grown accustomed to. Sterzing's also recently ventured into the world of cheesy popcorn.
  2. Lindon Wines began in 2006 with the licensing of the winery. The goal was to raise grapes hardy to the area and as resistant to the local pathogens as possible. This would allow growing grapes with the least amount of spraying. The local favorite, Burlington Blush, is a crisp slightly citrus tasting wine with apricot and peach notes produced from Frontenac Gris. Frontenac Gris is a blush grape which is a sport or bud mutation of Frontenac. It has all of the cold hardiness of Frontenac but has a very light skin color that makes a blush wine.
  3. Wildlife Lakes Elk Farm is located just outside the Burlington city limits and about 10 minutes from the mighty Mississippi River. This farm has raised elk for over ten years and has enjoyed working with these majestic animals every day of those ten years. Efforts are concentrated on a breeding stock with strong genetic backgrounds. A variety of products are available for purchase, including the elk summer sausage with bleu cheese and jalapeno. All elk meat products contain no growth hormones or antibiotics.
  4. The Wholesome Basket is a family company that began making goat’s milk in 1999. The homemade goat’s milk soap is the most popular product. This fine soap is cold processed where temperatures do not exceed 130 degrees, so results are a high quality, rich and creamy product, with a wonderfully smooth lather. It is perfect as a bath or facial bar, as a moisturizer and skin balancer. The Wholesome Basket produces a wide variety of products, including natural handmade goat’s milk skin creams, soaps, natural deodorants, insect repellent, toothpaste, lemon skin toner, Dead Sea bath salts, and lip balms.

Next time you are in Greater Burlington make sure you seek out each of these wonderfully unique products. For more information about each product and where to purchase visit Sterzing Chips; Lindon Wines; Wildlife Lakes Elk Farm; The Wholesome Basket.

Posted By Brenda W, Greater Burlington Partnership on March 17, 2015


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