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Vendor Rules

Welcome Vendors.  It's time to set up shop.


Thank you for expressing interest as a vendor. RAGBRAI® will be coming to Burlington on Friday, July 26, 2019.  We are extremely excited to host RAGBARI in Greater Burlington.  We are expecting 20,000 participants to spend the night in Greater Burlington. Applications are no longer being accepted.

ACCEPTANCE: The Burlington RAGBRAI Committee reserves the right to deny any application based on need, space, and the vendor's intent.   Each vendor will be notified of acceptance, with a payment portal at that time.

Food Safety/Health Department

Upon acceptance, there is a $50.00 Temporary Food Establishment fee for those vendors who will be serving food.  Please contact Lee County Health Department, Mike Schelangoski or Michelle Lozano at 319-372-5225 or for more information.


Burlington RAGBRAI Vendor Fees (approximately per 15 ft. x15 ft. area)

There will be a $250 non-profit fee and a $750 fee for-profit vendors. All non-profit vendors must provide an IRS Letter of Exemption 501(c) (3).  


If you require electricity for your booth the fee is $100 per booth area.   Electricity requests will be taken on a first come first serve basis.  Not all vendor areas will have electricity.

INSURANCE:  All vendors will be required to show proof of liability insurance.   A copy of the insurance policy must be included with the application.


Booth set-up may begin as early as 8:00 AM on Friday, July 26

Booths must be set-up and ready for inspection by 10:00 AM on Friday, July 26th.


RAGBRAI® participants will start arriving early am.  All vendors must be set up by 10:00 AM.  Plan on being busy between 4:00 PM – 11:30 PM. This will allow enough time for everyone to be inspected. Because most FOOD vendors will around the River Front (the beverage garden), no one will be allowed to break down until after 12:00 AM. This is for everyone’s safety.

ICE will be readily available in the food vendor areas downtown at a reasonable cost. When setting up, please make a note of where the ice is located.


It will be up to each group to set their own prices.  All registered RAGBRAI® participants will have a wristband.  We recommend that a lesser price be charged to RAGBRAI ®participants, but it is not required.


We require that all food vendors clean up their areas before they leave.  Trash cans will be provided to help.  We recommend that each food vendor schedule a clean up crew to help clean up their area.  All food vendors must have their booths cleaned and moved by 6:00 AM. Saturday, July 27.

The Food Committee recommends that every non-profit and for-profit organization take enough time planning for this event. The groups that plan well and have something creative will do very well.  It is recommended that you plan to sell all of the food you prepare.  Any food left over will cut into your profits.

SIGNAGE: All vendors are responsible for their own signs. The signs must be easy to read. You will also need a sign to post if and when you run out of food/supplies. Burlington RAGBRAI will give each vendor an official RAGBRAI permit. The permit must be visible at all times.

PRE-MEETING: Once you have been approved as a vendor, you will be contacted regarding a pre-meeting. The meeting will be held in June. The meeting will cover parking, set up, and other information.

Please direct any questions regarding this application process to RAGBRAI Co-Chair, Rachel Lindeen, 319-572-7609 or Food & Vendor Committee Chair Kristin Rowley at 319-758-8461.

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