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Planning Committee

Welcome, Planning Committee Members.

Thank you for agreeing to assist the Greater Burlington Partnership in hosting RAGBRAI 2019 as a member of the Executive Committee and overseeing committee work. Below is the list of meetings scheduled with RAGBRAI and expectations for these positions.  This website will be your information hub for everything RAGBRAI.

Attend scheduled General Meetings with RAGBRAI Officials. All meetings will take place at the Greater Burlington Partnership. General Meetings are scheduled as follows:

General Meeting Schedule

February 13 - 12 PM
February 25 - 9:30 AM
March 7 – Des Moines 9 AM – 4 PM
March 25 - 3 PM
April 15 - 4 PM
April 24 - 12 PM
May 13 - 2 PM
May 22 - 12 PM
May 30 – Des Moines 10 AM - 3 PM
June 7 – Ride Right - TBD
June 19 - 12 PM
July 10 - 12 PM
August 28 - 12 PM

If you cannot be in attendance at a General Meeting it is your responsibility to contact your assigned co-chair to let them know and provide them with a committee update to share with the group.
Invite your co-chair and Greater Burlington Partnership staff to all committee meetings that take place. Staff can assist with sending out meeting notices and take notes.

Attend scheduled breakout meetings with RAGBRAI Officials for the committees in which you are responsible for. Breakout sessions can take place prior to or following the General Meeting. Below is the schedule:

Breakout Sessions Schedule

February 13 - Executive, Budget, Fundraising
February 25 - Hospitality, Publicity, Web & Social Media, Campground
March 7 – Des Moines - Executive Committee, Beverage Garden, Law Enforcement, Campground, Medical – (chairs only)
March 25 - Food & Vendors, Campground (walk through)
April 15 - Housing, Showers, Sanitation & Recycling
April 24 - Information Center, Volunteer, Beverage Garden, Entertainment & Special Events
May 13 - Communications, Transportation
May 22 - Food & Vendors, Entertainment & Special Events, Beverage Garden & Electrical walk throughs
May 30 – Des Moines - Executive Committee
June 7 - Ride Right ride and meetings
June 19 - Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Executive Committee
July 10 - All Committees, Executive Committee (final meetings)
August 28 - All Committees, Executive Committee (wrap-up meetings)


Social Media, Press Releases & Information 

Have information you would like to get out to local residents, RAGBRAI riders, RAGBRAI support or anyone else? Please fill out the Committee Information Publish Request form below and submit your information. Please allow 24 hours for your information to be disseminated.

Committee Information Publish Request

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