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Careers Promotional Videos

Careers Promotional Videos

The Careers Promotional Videos will be designed to give students a real-life look into a variety of careers. The first pilot video will highlight what manufacturing looks like today. In this high-impact video; students will hear from young workers, not much older than them, what it is like to work in manufacturing. They will cover the benefits of working for a manufacturer and why they enjoy it. Not only will it show that students can make a great living, but in some instances, they can start right out of high school with the business training them for the job or helping pay for the training courses needed. In addition, these videos will help break the misconception that manufacturing is a dark, dirty, and dingy place to work. Students will get a first-hand view of what workplaces look like and the tech that helps run the facilities.
The Greater Burlington Partnership has partnered with area manufacturers and is in the process of producing the video. The video is tentatively scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2020. Future videos highlighting in-demand careers are planned.

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