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Anne Frank Birthday Celebration

June 12, 2020, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Danville Station ( )
Danville Station, 102 N. Main St, Danville

Danville Station traditionally celebrates Anne Frank's birthday each year. Since the celebration can't be in person for 2020, they are celebrating with a postcard shower! The museum has a goal of collecting 1.5 million post cards and this will help to achieve the goal.

Help honor Anne Frank on her 91st birthday on June 12. Postcards may be mailed to: Danville Station, PO Box 304, Danville, Iowa 52623

Why postcards? Why 1.5 million for a goal? Glad you asked. Anne loved to collect postcards, so that is the reason we are collecting them, too, in her honor. The 1.5 million comes as a match for the number of children who lost their lives due to the Holocaust. Anne was a child of 15 when she died in a concentration camp.

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