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Greater Burlington is rapidly increasing in numbers. The 40,000 people that live in Des Moines County and Greater Burlington welcome visitors and residents to share our enjoyment of natural attractions, complimented by equally impressive public and private venues and events.

The mighty Mississippi River serves as a focal point for the community and provides not only breathtaking beauty, but also a myriad of recreational opportunities.

From a natural heritage standpoint, Southeast Iowa is a striking combination of hills, valleys, prairies, rivers, streams and timberland. The same qualities that attracted Native Americans to this area provide a rich “natural architecture” for those who live and visit here.

Four seasons grace the community, with each providing its own beauty, charm and activities. From ice skating in beautiful Crapo Park to a spring evening at Community Field watching minor league baseball, to a summer day at the waterpark, there is something for everyone.

Whether looking to locate or live in Greater Burlington, you will find an outstanding quality of life and much to do.


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