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Burlington Lightscape Project

The wonderful illumination of the steeple and façade of St. John’s Catholic Church several years ago offered a tantalizing vision – what if additional downtown landmarks were similarly lighted? Our towers, spires, steeples, and buildings are the embodiment of the aspirations of Burlington’s past citizens. Now, we have created a sparkling jeweled crown for our beautiful city.

After years of preparation, the Downtown Partners Design Committee inaugurated the Burlington Lightscape Project. Funds were raised to illuminate more of our remarkable architecture, accentuating its beauty for residents and visitors alike. A team of business professionals, lighting consultants, and building owners and congregations worked to turn this vision into a reality. The project was 100% privately funded. An endowment was established to cover maintenance; the only cost to the building owners is for the electricity, which is minimal due to the use of LED fixtures. On August 19, 2016, the completed steeple and tower lighting phase of the Lightscape Project was marked with a public celebration. The nine buildings in the project, as well as the depot locomotive at 300 S. Main, are illuminated every night. We believe this is the first example of coordinated architectural lighting in the world.

The group will next turn its attention to relighting the Great River Bridge and installing complimentary lighting to accentuate Snake Alley. Additional funding is needed to ensure the continued success of the Lightscape Project . The money raised will go towards designing the lighting, installing the equipment, and increasing the maintenance endowment.


Pledges and donations to the Burlington Lightscape Project are tax deductible. For more information, call Downtown Partners at 319-752-6365. Your support will create a lasting legacy of beauty and pride for our community.


Download: Lightscape Brochure


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