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The Jokers & Jester Comedy Tour

March 28, 2018, 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

The Washington, 306 Washington Street

Fans call Jake Daniels and Tony Dijamco two of the best comics touring America due to their comical approach to various issues affecting daily life. Through his comical prowess, Jake has become an award winning film maker, actor, producer, and radio show host in addition to his comedy career. He always turns out to be the best because of his vigor, adaptability to audience needs, and ability to transform awkwardly tense situations into funny jokes with similar expectations during the fourth edition of Joker Jester Comedy Tour beginning February 1st and appearing on stages nightly through June 1,2017.
Every part played by Jake illustrates his ability to bring individual experiences to stage with comic relief despite their real life emotional associations. This is the reason he is known as “the heartbreak kid”. On the other hand, Jake has proven his big heart in completing multiple tours and events to benefit myriad of charities including raising money children’s cancer research and United States Veterans. Tony Dijamco on the other hand has been entertaining his audience in and out of America using sardonic sense of humor coupled with eclectic performance style. Since high school, Tony has engaged audiences with high levels of success, often entertaining sell out crowds.
Tony Dijamco further considers himself as an effective entertainer. His horned, neurotic style of delivery allows him to perform in front of any audience successfully. The life of Tony from childhood to adult provided incidences that have made him the uniquely successful comic he is. His ability to mix real life adventures and characters have made him distinctive and unforgettable with every performance. Tony is known to apply various tools to blend characterization and voice in order to enhance his joke delivery, engage his audience, and offer unique one of a kind shows. Don't miss these two comedic veterans. 

"Very smart. Very funny." - ROBIN WILLIAMS (on Tony Dijamco)


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