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Date Night

February 21, 2018, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Pinned It Creations, 400 Jefferson Street

This event comes with two framed signs of your choice. Bring your favorite wine and Pinned It Creations will supply s’mores and a fondue bar. Cost is $80.

What is your favorite “LOVE” saying?

1. I belong with you... You belong with me
2. You keep me safe... I’ll keep you wild 
3. I like his beard... I like her butt
4. Where you go I will go.. where you stay I will stay
5. I wish I met you so sooner...So I could love you longer
6. Good morning Gorgeous...hello there handsome 
7. We were together.. I forgot the rest
8. Grow old with me... The best is yet to be 
9. You’ll be my glass of wine.. I’ll be your shot of whiskey
10. Party of (last name and # in family) and addition sign (ex. 2+3=FAMILY) 
11. He stole my heart.. So I stole his last name

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