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The Highway 61 Coalition was formed in 2004 to promote the completion of Highway 61 as a four-lane highway. The only remaining two-lane portion that remains is in Des Moines and Louisa Counties. Substantial efforts have successfully been made to put the completion of this four-lane corridor back on the five-year plan for the Iowa Department of Transportation. The coalition will continue its efforts until the last mile of the corridor is complete.  Regular presentations are made to the Iowa DOT Commission.

In April of 2015 ground broke for 6 miles from Grandview to Muscatine. Additionally, thanks to increased state transportation funding, the corridor will see an additional 10.2 miles and $50 million in investment by 2020!

The Highway 34 Coalition is a bi-partisan, bi-state coalition of governments, economic development groups, chambers of commerce, businesses and travelers who actively support the completion of US 34 as a four-lane expressway, providing a safe and reliable transportation corridor connecting the region to the global economy. The long-term goal is to improve and expand the current highway into a four-lane expressway between Burlington and Monmouth.


The Essential Air Service (EAS), Small Community Air Service Development program and the Non-Primary Entitlement (NPE) program funds have proven to be a great asset to the Greater Burlington community. The airports of the region have made good use of these funds for vital airport projects that have great economic impact for our area. 


The Mississippi River valley is a vital Midwestern attribute which provides significant opportunity for recreation, economic development, community vitality and food and fuel production. To properly address these elements, balanced consideration must be given to navigation, flood control and environmental stewardship.

The lack of funding for lock and dam expansion and maintenance and flood protection has and will continue to cost the taxpayers through continued flood mitigation expenditures and lost opportunities caused by navigational inefficiencies.

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