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Legislative Agenda

The Chamber of Commerce is a business association that exists to serve as a catalyst for economic growth and community development in Greater Burlington, Iowa. It is imperative that a successful Chamber of Commerce work within the political realm to advocate positions important to business. The purpose of this set of position statements is to reflect those issues that this Chamber of Commerce believes are in the best interests of the business community in Greater Burlington and Des Moines County, Iowa.

The State of Iowa, the federal government and our local community must do everything possible to encourage investment and job creation. There is an alarming trend to take business for granted and assume that the factories, shops and offices will always be there and that business can and will overcome the impacts of rising taxes and fees and increased regulation. We must realize that businesses have options to do business in other communities, states and countries.

Additionally, although it is in vogue to criticize incentives to companies and try to solve the problems of government overspending with reductions in economic development marketing and inducements to companies, it is precisely the wrong time to decrease our efforts. The competition is not cutting back; neither should the State of Iowa.

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