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Sterzing Food Company Named 2021 Manufacturer of the Year

October 1, 2021

Sterzing Food Company awarded with 2021 Manufacturer of the Year

Greater Burlington, Iowa – October 1, 2021 – The 2021 Manufacturer of the Year is a seasoned favorite throughout Greater Burlington. Sterzing Food Company has seen many challenges, changes, and growth in the past few years.

A large hurdle was placed in front of Sterzing’s when an FDA ruling that required them to change the formula for their cooking oil which had been the same recipe for over 5 decades. 

However, after more than a year of testing and blending of oils finally resulted in a formula that closely matched the original recipe and over time, the confidence of their loyal fans was gained once again.

Adversity often leads to diversity. While Sterzing Food Co. was testing and trying new oils to match their original formula, they retooled the manufacturing portion of their factory with a multi-million dollar upgrade in 2018.

2 new industrial fryers were installed that would best mimic the cooking process that Sterzing Food Company had perfected by their founder Barney Sterzing in 1933.  The new equipment would eliminate several cooking jobs but would create more packing positions as the facility became more efficient. No jobs were lost during the upgrade, but several positions were added.

In addition, the new equipment allowed for the creation of 2 new flavors and the expansion other lines of business.  BBQ Sterzing’s was added in 2019 and in the summer of 2021 summer, on the anniversary of their 10 years of ownership, Craig and Gary debuted the Sour Cream and Onion flavored chips which has become a tremendous hit with Sterzing’s fans.

As a food manufacturer, Sterzing Food Company prides itself on giving entry level employees second and third chances to succeed. Another huge blessing is the retention of several employees with over 30 years of employment with the company which keeps business relationships stable.

Adapting to change in the business world is not easy, but recent changes of Sterzing Food Company appear to have brought significant opportunities and stability to this small local manufacturer.  Without loyal customers, any job can become disheartening, but hearing from their fans how excited they are to have Sterzing’s back, and just as good or even better than before, makes their work very rewarding for the hometown favorite. 

Please help us honor a company that not only makes some of the most delicious chips in the world but is a tremendous asset to our community. Congratulations to Sterzing Food Company, the 2021 Manufacturer of the Year.

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