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Severe Weather Damage Reports Requested

June 12, 2019

Damage Reports From Recent Severe Weather Requested

The Des Moines County Emergency Management Agency is requesting that any individual or business that has been impacted by the recent severe weather (flooding, rain, wind, or HESCO barrier breach) report damages to their office and state officials.

If you have sustained damage due to the recent severe weather, please fill out the Damage and Storm Reporting form.

Information reported can include but is not limited to damage to buildings, damage to inventory, and cleanup costs. Examples could include the purchase of pumps to remove water from basements, rental of Port-A-Potties, roof damage, or lost inventory.

If you know of individuals who have had water on the first level of their home, please report this information using the same reporting form.

This damage report will be sent to Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management in attempts to secure federal funding to assist in the cleanup effort.

If you have any questions, please contact Gina Hardin at 319-753-8206 Ext 3


Click HERE to fill out the Damage & Storm Reporting Form

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