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Phase II of the Criminal Task Force: Next Steps

March 29, 2018

Phase II of the Criminal Task Force: Next Steps

One year ago, a variety of business and community leaders assembled to investigate issues relative to violent crime occurring within the Greater Burlington area.  As an attempt to curb future criminal activity, these leaders identified key challenges and outlined potential strategies that could be effectively deployed throughout the community.

A report containing eleven points was published in February of 2017.  The summary provided an overview of challenges but noted that solutions were not easy.

A year after the Summary of Findings was released, the group reconvened to review the outcomes of the report and determine some next steps.  Overall, it appears as though the community is proactively working to reduce criminal incidents.  Perceptions are improving as additional officers in Burlington have been conducting proactive policing, and several high-profile convictions have taken place.  There is still significant work to be done on the societal issues, but a series of strategies are underway which may take years to have a large-scale impact.

There were two main goals of this second phase of the taskforce: 1) Generate practical strategies to continue to fight and deter crime, and 2) Adjust the dialogue/narrative relative to community perceptions on safety and position the community as a preferred destination to visitors.

Like the first report, this is short and to the point.  It should serve as a basis for further conversation and expand in detail over time.  These concepts are being presented by the Greater Burlington Partnership on behalf of concerned business leaders.


2018 Phase II of the Criminal Activity Task Force: Next Steps Report

2018 Phase II of the Criminal Activity Task Force: Next Steps Press Briefing







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