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Chamber Bucks

Chamber Bucks can be used at any business that is a Chamber of Commerce member.  A list of participating businesses is included with each certificate.

Please Note:

Chamber Bucks are no longer being issued.

Chamber Bucks expire one year from the date printed on the certificate.

Members, How to Redeem

When a customer uses Chamber Bucks at your business, process the payment as you would a check. Change should be given back to the customer if their purchase does not equal the amount of the Chamber Buck, as your business will receive the full amount on the Chamber Bucks when you deposit it in your financial institution.

Chamber Bucks work just like a check and should be deposited at your financial institution with your bank deposit. The full amount of the Chamber Buck will be credited to your account.

If you have questions regarding accepting Chamber Bucks, please contact the Finance Manager at 319-752-6365 or directly at 319-208-0044.

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