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Class Schedule

Each session incorporates a full day of activities which may include a combination of presentations, tours, discussions, training, simulation, and more. The sessions run from 8 AM to 5 PM unless otherwise noted. Participants will be allowed to miss one full day, either excused or unexcused. Tardiness or leaving early will be considered as half day of absence.

To be eligible for graduation, all participants are required to be part of a class project and attend the opening session.  The 2021 - 2022 Greater Burlington Leadership schedule is listed below.


Dates are subject to change. Final schedule pending.

Opening Session Wednesday & Thursday, September 15 - 16
Economic Development and Workforce Wednesday, October 13
Education Wednesday, November 17
Environment Wednesday, December 8
Group Project Work Day Wednesday, January 12
Southeast Iowa Days February (TBD)
Public Safety Wednesday, March 16
Healthcare Wednesday, April 20
Closing Session Wednesday, May 11
Graduation May (TBD)



Opening Session
The opening session will be filled with networking and interpersonal skills, personality assessments and teamwork. An evening reception will be provided to continue getting to know your classmates.

Understand the challenges of education and how working as a community we can improve and enhance the community. Learn more about education issues through open discussion with area educators.

Learn how the community is meeting the needs of our current employers’ workforce issues. Discuss the challenges Greater Burlington faces in developing the skill set of our workforce to meet industry needs. When a new industry relocates to Greater Burlington, is our workforce ready? Are we able to meet their needs? What are the future trends of the workforce in Greater Burlington?

Learn how the workplace is affected by several hot button issues including aging generations in the workplace, worker shortages in the healthcare industry, costs of healthcare and government reimbursement, and community resources that are available.

Government Relations
Southeast Iowa Days
Location: Des Moines
Meet local and state government officials and gain an understanding of their roles in shaping our community by attending Great River Region Days, a visit to the state capitol. Greater Burlington Leadership will take part in the activities alongside area leaders of Des Moines, Lee, Henry and Louisa counties.

Public Safety
Understand the challenges of public safety in the area and how local law enforcement deals with the changing environment. Learn more about what new opportunities law enforcement officials utilize.

Experience what Greater Burlington has to offer and the challenges our local environment faces. Hear about the impact of the environment on our quality of life.

Economic Development
Tour Greater Burlington industries and hear from those who work day to day in those industries. You will gain insight on how companies are retained and brought to Greater Burlington.

Leadership participants will be recognized by invited guests, employers and community leaders.

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