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Data & Demographics

Located in Southeast Iowa, Greater Burlington is bigger than you think. Within a 60 minute drive you'll find more than 258,000 people and a total regional laborforce of over 262,000 from which you can draw your skilled workforce.

Get to know us by the numbers:

Greater Burlington Census Data

Greater Burlington covers Des Moines County, Iowa. The following are figures from the 2010 Census.

2010 Census Population 40,340
Number of Households 17,007
Gender Ratio (M/F) 48.9% / 51.1%
Media Household Income $43,111
% of Population High School Graduate* 90.4%
% of Population Bachelor Degree or higher* 18.3%
Homeownership Rate 72.8%
*Age 25+  






Greater Burlington Laborshed Highlights

Education & Training

  • 73% have training beyond high school
  • 3% are trade certified
  • 2% completed vocational training
  • 16.1% have an associated degree
  • 23% have an undergraduate degree
  • 9.5% have a postgraduate/professional degree

Quick Facts About Employed Workers

  • 15.9% work multiple jobs
  • Average work week is 42 hours
  • Average age is 49
  • 16.1% employed in manufacturing sector (up from 13% in 2009)

Top Industries

  • Education, Manufacturing and Health Care represent the three largest industrial classifications

Willingness to Change/Accept Employment

  • 22,297 workers are willing to change or accept employment
  • Those currently employed are willing to commute on average 28 miles one way for employment
    • To attract the upper 66% to 75% of employed, qualified hourly applicants ranges from $12.92 - $14.00 (Finance/Insurance Industry) to $18.45 to $20.00 (Manufacturing Industry)
  • Those unemployed are willing to commute on average 22 miles one way for employment
    • The estimated wage to attract upper 66% to 75% qualified hourly applicants that are currently unemployed is $10.64 to $15.38

You can get copies of current laborshed and labor characteristics reports here, as well as on our slideshare site.

Retail Market Potential

Greater Burlington is a growing regional hub with retail market potential that has yet to be tapped.  Get more data on our retail opportunities.

Data & Demographics Tool

Take a deeper look at our data and demographics using the interactive tool below.  This tool is your one-stop shop for everything from our population growth to our GDP over time.  It evens compares Greater Burlington to state and national trends.  Should you have a need for additional data, please do not hesitate to contact Jeremy Hess.

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