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Technology & Communications

Thanks to technology today's businesses operate worldwide and 24/7/365. Companies in Greater Burlington are able to compete due to a diverse and reliable set of high speed data and telephone providers offering business services and solutions for companies of all sizes.

Voice, Video & Data Services

CenturyLink, formerly Qwest, is a leading provider of voice, video and data services across America and the world. CenturyLink provides business solutions for companies of all sizes.

Danville Mutual Telephone Company is located in Danville, Iowa and provides internet, phone and data services in areas throughout Des Moines and Lee Counties.

LISCO is an Iowa telecommunications provider located in Fairfield, Iowa and provides fiber, dial-up, phone, cable television, and web hosting services in a service territory that includes Burlington and much of Des Moines County.

TV, Internet & Phone Providers

Mediacom Communications is a cable company serving more than 1,500 communities throughout the country, including Greater Burlington communities. Mediacom provides business solutions and primarily offers cable television, internet and phone services.

DIRECTV is a satellite provider of television, internet and phone services throughout the county.

Dish brings you high quality satellite TV for all of your favorite channels & HD entertainment.

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