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Tax Incentives

  • Greater Burlington offers your business relocation or expansion the opportunity to qualify for economic development tax incentives.  The following is information on two of the more commonly used tax incentive programs.

Targeted Jobs Withholding Tax Credit

In late 2006, the City of Burlington was designated as one of only five pilot cities for the new Targeted Jobs Withholding Tax Credit program.

Under this program, a withholding agreement between the city and the employer allows up to 3% of the gross wages paid by the business to be directed to the city on a quarterly basis. The city must then match these funds dollar for dollar and use the funds in an urban renewal project related to the employer.

A 'targeted job' is defined as a job with a business that is or will be located in an urban renewal area and that pays a minimum wage equal to the county-wide average wage. In addition, the withholding agreement must be with:

  • A business that is locating to the community from another state and creating targeted jobs within an urban renewal area; or
  • An existing Iowa business that is creating ten new targeted jobs or making a qualifying investment greater than $500,000 within an urban renewal area.

The maximum term of a withholding agreement is ten years.  View the City of Burlington's Urban Renewal Area Map.

Tax Abatement

To incentivize new construction and the expansion of existing facilities, the Cities of Burlington and West Burlington have adopted two commercial tax abatement schedules that would abate taxes based on the incremental value added to the property.  The project owner can indicate a preference for which of these abatement schedules they'd prefer.

100% Abatement Option

  • 100% exemption - 3 Years

10-Year Sliding Scale Option:

  • 80% - Year 1
  • 70% - Year 2
  • 60% - Year 3
  • 50% - Year 4
  • 40% - Years 5 & 6
  • 30% - Years 7 & 8
  • 20% - Years 9 & 10
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