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Incentives & Financing

In addition to our many business advantages, the Greater Burlington Area and the State of Iowa offer a wide range of flexible economic development incentive programs.

How it Works

Projects are evaluated individually and every effort is made to create a package that will assist a business in expanding or locating within our community. The level of incentives available is based upon several key factors, including, but not limited to, the number of jobs created and/or retained, the average wage of those jobs and the projected future job growth.


All incentives are subject to negotiating and local and/or state approvals. Incentive information provided here is not a guarantee of incentives and does not create an obligation upon the local or state programs.

Local Incentive Programs 

State Incentive Programs

New Project Questionnaire

To start the process of evaluating the incentives that may be available for your project, you must first fill out an Iowa New Project Questionnaire and send it to the local economic developer.  This form gathers preliminary information that will allow the local and state economic developer assigned to your project to determine what's available based on your qualifications.

Wage Thresholds

Many of the programs have a wage threshold that must be met obtained in order to qualify for the incentive. This threshold is established based on the average county wage and may vary depending on each incentive program's criteria.  Current wage thresholds are:

Threshold (High Quality Jobs) Wage (Hourly)
90% of laborshed average $13.54
100% of laborshed average $15.73
120% of laborshed average $18.87
Threshold (Targeted Jobs) Wage (Hourly)
100% of County Wide Average $18.06
Threshold (Local Incentives) Wage (Hourly)
85% $13.37
100% $15.73
130% $20.44
















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