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Cost of Living

Greater Burlington has a low cost of living and a high quality of life.

In fact, Greater Burlington's cost of living is 10% below the national average according to the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness' most recent Cost of Living Index.

Quick Comparisons

So how does Greater Burlington compare to major cities across Iowa and the county?

Increase or Decrease

C2ER Cost of Living Index 4th Quarter 2014 100% Composite Index  
Burlington, IA  88.7
Ames, IA 92.5
Cedar Rapids, IA 92.7
Des Moines, IA 89.9
Quad Cities, IA-IL 100.0
Waterloo, IA 95.7
Chicago, IL 114.6
New York City (Manhattan) 223.7
Minneapolis, MN 107.1
St. Louis, MO 91.8
Kansas City, MO 94.8
Denver, CO 107.7
Dallas, TX 97.1
Houston, TX 92.3
Charleston, SC 101.0
Charlotte, NC 95.9
Omaha, NE 91.8
Memphis, TN 85.8
Seattle, WA 133.1
Los Angeles, CA 136.9
Atlanta, GA 101.6
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