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• Chamber of Commerce 2021 Goals

  • Launch an Enjoy It All in Greater Burlington! Campaign
    1. Utilizing primary research and publicly-available data, identify and explore outlying consumer markets with the best potential to spend money in our communities.
    2. After identifying the best markets, deploy various marketing and advertising strategies to change consumer commuting patterns for goods and services- including an innovative social media strategy.
    3. Increase the local messaging and public awareness of the value and community impact of buying within Des Moines County.
    4. Using new strategies, the Convention and Visitors Bureau will be doing more than ever to aggressively bolster tournament and team recruitment in the youth sports market.
  • Create a fresh look to the communication plan to engage new audiences, have fun with social media campaigns such as the wildly popular G.B. Petey holiday campaign, and utilize video to capture input and market share.
  • Continue to grow new memberships by utilizing new tools and resources, such as an enhanced member recruitment video showcasing why members belong and hearing their stories.
  • Offer Greater Burlington Young Professionals continued leadership development tools and market to new audiences to grow the membership base.


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