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Candidates Academy

Running for public office is a big, often life-changing, decision. And every year there is a new opportunity to get your name on the ballot from school boards, townships, municipalities, counties to state.

The Greater Burlington Partnership has created a first-of-its-kind online candidates academy teaching the basics of candidacy in order to mold you into the most successful nominee you can be! The program provides insights from past candidates (many are current office holders) and other government officials. Each video lasts from five to fifteen minutes giving even the busiest community members an opportunity to view topics at the leisure. Utilizing these videos will give any person considering entering the political world, the necessary information to move forward. Topics covered include: finding current issues, understanding budgets, selecting a campaign team, working with the media and more. With a little time and effort you will be able to decide if you are the right person for the job and can contribute to your community in a whole new manner!

*If you have any suggestions for new videos contact the Greater Burlington Partnership at 319-752-6365. 

What to Expect When Running for Office

Selecting Your Campaign Team

Working with the Media

Grassroots Campaign

Understanding Budgets

Finding Current Issues

Crafting and Delivering an Effective Message

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