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Marvin R. Mickelson Estate Establishes Community Foundation Fund

December 12, 2016

Burlington, Iowa.  The Community Foundation of Des Moines County has received its largest ever gift from the estate of Marvin R. Mickelson of Burlington.  The gift of $325,000 has created the Marvin R. Mickelson Fund and has been established to support a number of causes Mickelson found worthy.

“One of the heirs of Marvin’s estate wanted to create a lasting tribute to the community because Marvin loved Burlington,” said Dennis Wilson, Foundation board chair.  “This is exactly why Community Foundations have been established all across the nation- to allow those with a charitable mindset to make a lasting contribution to their community.”

Marvin’s brother and sister-in-law, Bob and Barb Mickelson of Solon, Iowa, were the donors.  The couple inherited a portion of Marvin’s estate and wanted to redirect that inheritance back to the community Marvin loved so much.

The Marvin R. Mickelson Fund will support a number of causes including the Burlington Public Library, the Des Moines County Chapter of the Red Cross, Messiah Lutheran Church, and other causes related to human services.

“My wife and I believed the best way we could honor my brother was to establish a fund bearing his name,” said Bob Mickelson. “We hope this gift inspires others to do the same thing.  Even though we do not live in Burlington, we always enjoyed visiting our brother and spending time in the community.”

Mickelson was born in 1941 in Foreston, Minnesota.  He was a graduate of Iowa State University and served in the Armed Forces from 1963 – 1965.  Mickelson moved to Burlington in 1970 to pursue an accounting career at FirstMiss, Inc. outside of Fort Madison.  He was a coin collector, book reader, avid investor, and a frequent visitor to the library.

Mickelson loved Burlington and would regularly give his visitors tours of Snake Alley, the library, local museums, and Mosquito Park.

Mickelson passed away on January 10, 2016.

Bob and Barb Mickelson wanted to ensure the causes Mickelson believed in would continue to be financially supported after his death.  The Marvin R. Mickelson Fund will make annual donations to those causes from investment earnings.

About the Foundation
The Community Foundation of Des Moines County is a charitable foundation created by and for the citizens of Des Moines County.  Its mission is to enhance the local quality of life by providing a means for permanent charitable giving to meet the needs of all donors and the community for today and tomorrow.  Endowed funds may be established by an individual, corporation, or a non-profit and create an annual revenue stream for local causes.  Endowed funds invest the principal balance, and generally speaking, the earnings from those funds are utilized to support the causes as specified by the donor.

The Greater Burlington Partnership serves as the staff support for the Foundation.  More information can be obtained at


Dennis Wilson, Board Chair

Bob Mickelson

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